Coffee and Yoga with Robert

Candlelight yin yoga is moving from first Friday of the month to the first Tuesday of the month. See my blog posting  Candlelight Yin Reimagined


Now that  the world around us is starting to normalize, many people have come to rely and prefer practicing yoga in the privacy of their own homes.

Also we have over time developed a thriving  virtual yoga community.
With this in mind I have decided to continue with the online yoga schedule!

Please join me for a lighthearted gentle yoga practice.


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With Zoom’s continuing growth and application changes, there are sometimes problems with the links below. If you have problems with these links, go to Zoom’s join meeting page directly and type these numbers and passwords in manually. Thank you for your patience.

These are the new zoom room numbers. The password is capitalized – Namaste.

“Coffee and Yoga with Robert”
Tuesday through Friday at 10:30 AM until 11:45 AM
Zoom with Robert 815 4338 7176
Password: Namaste

“Gentle Yoga with Robert”
Friday at 9:00 AM until 10:00 AM
Zoom with Robert 842 4180 5933
Password: Namaste

“Yin Yoga with Robert”
Sunday at 11:00 AM until 12:30 PM
Zoom with Robert 858 6908 9409
Password: Namaste

“Candlelight Yin Yoga with Robert”
First Tuesday of Month 
7:30 PM until 9:00 PM
Zoom with Robert 849 0961 1374
Password: Namaste

Donations: Please make a donation according to your ability to contribute. It’s a way to ensure that this important work can continue to grow.

Robert de Nies
P.O.  Box 591328
San Francisco, CA 94159